Well-being at Home and School in New Mexico

October 2021: Transitions

Cover photo for WASH New Mexico - Colorful Balloon. Photo by Deb Luffey.
Latest issue of WASH NM on Transitions

Here is a link to the most recent edition of a ‘zine created by the IFCE Department at the University of New Mexico. The enterprise began at the dawn of the pandemic as a way for colleagues to collect and share information and tactics to help community members, students and educators cope with the frightening and rapidly changing demands before them. Some of these demands remain, but the context continues to change. We continue to produce issues we hope will be of interest and of use to readers. Here is a link to the October issue:



Here is a link to all WASH NM issues published to date: https://coehs.unm.edu/departments-programs/ifce/wash-nm.html

Take a look and see what you think! — Ed Prof

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