Maxine Greene: Special Issue

Here is a post mined from Carolyn Vander Shee’s AESA Weekly Roundup! If you have an interest in art, education, democratic life, and/or children’s drawings, see below.  — edprof

The Journal of Educational Controversy is pleased to announce that the
issue dedicated to the life and work of Maxine Greene is now online.
The theme for the issue is: “Art, Social Imagination and Democratic
Education.”  Readers can find the journal at:

The journal would like to draw readers’ attention to an innovation
that was introduced in this issue.   In place of one of the printed
articles, we are providing the reader a slide show of a child’s
artistic drawings, with the author’s voice describing to the readers
the significance of what they are viewing in the child’s work.   The
author traces the motifs found consistently in the child’s drawing
over the course of several years so the reader/viewer can gain insight
into the child’s imaginative communities, values, and dreams. Look for
the second screen on the table of contents. We invite readers to
contribute formal refereed responses to our Rejoinder Section or more
spontaneous responses on our journal’s blog at:

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